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The Chemistry Program is designed to provide students with a solid and broad foundation on which they base their careers. If you major in chemistry at Alderson Broaddus University, you will enter the world of a rapidly-developing science, where new applications constantly reach into other fields.

Many Career Options

A degree in chemistry from Alderson Broaddus will equip you for a career in a government lab, in the chemical industry or a research institute, in environmental science or in teaching. In addition, the chemistry major will satisfy the undergraduate requirement for application to graduate programs and professional schools such as Chiropractic, Dental, Veterinary, Optometry, Medical, Mortuary, Physical Therapy and Pharmacy.

Personal and Individual Attention

Because of the small class size, students receive close personal attention and guidance from distinguished faculty members. You will come to know the faculty members as teachers, researchers, mentors, advisors and friends.

Well-Equipped Labs

At Alderson Broaddus you can be assured that you'll have current, well-equipped laboratories, and that you'll be able to use any of the facilities needed for your study. While larger schools may boast more equipment, most of it is reserved for research and for graduate students. The laboratories at Alderson Broaddus have more than the essential pieces of equipment that you'll need to learn for successful entrance into graduate school or the work world.

Undergraduate Research Experience

Students will gain valuable research experience that will help them in obtaining acceptance in graduate and professional schools. You will get financial summer support for research funded by grants from the Appalachian College Association and other agencies.

A Tradition of Excellence

Alderson Broaddus is well known for excellence in preparing science and health care professionals. More than half of the students at Alderson Broaddus are enrolled in medically-related programs such as physician's assistant and nursing, and in other science based programs. AB graduates have an outstanding record of acceptance into professional schools of their interest, such as medical and dental school, and to other programs of advanced study.

Advanced Computer Facilities

AB's computer labs provide one station for every seven students, so you can be assured of easy access to a personal computer or to the mainframe, and you'll be using a system that is constantly expanded and upgraded.

Opportunities for Distinction

You'll have many opportunities for distinction in your study with the excellent faculty and high-quality students of the Natural Science Division. You'll have small classes, attention and guidance from your professors, and opportunity for advanced research responsibilities. These important features are not standard in larger schools.