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As a Communications major, you will develop a broad range of skills that can lead to careers in public relations, broadcasting, journalism, editing and publication, or with additional graduate study, the law or other professions. People who communicate effectively and have a broad liberal arts background are increasingly in demand in business and technical fields.

Your study in communications at Alderson Broaddus will include courses in writing, speaking, communications theory, broadcasting, mass media, journalism, studio art and ethics. The curriculum allows you to take generalized courses of 44 credits plus a specialized track.

You may choose one of five tracks:

1. Speech
2. Journalism
3. Public Relations
4. Video and Radio
5. Health Communication

You may also choose courses in creative writing, business and sociology, all designed to give you a broad background in a variety of skills and fields of knowledge. The College liberal studies program will complete your education, providing opportunities for study in religion, philosophy, science, math, history, political science and literature.

The proscenium stage in Funkhouser Auditorium, several smaller auditoriums, an FM radio station, an award-winning student newspaper, and a top-rated forensics team will provide you with ample opportunities to develop and practice your communications skills. For all of your co-curricular activities as well as in all of your classes, you will work closely with fully qualified, full-time faculty members, all of whom have extensive practical experience in communications, as well as a broad base of theoretical knowledge.

For more information about the Communications major, contact Professor Barbara Sims, Associate Professor of Communications/Director of Forensics, Ph. 304.457.6222 or Dr. Jim Wilkie, Professor of Communications, Ph. 304.457.6271.