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The Importance of Understanding the Past

The historian's work today has become even more exciting and more complex than ever. Today a historian has high-tech tools and more reliable methods of documenting the present and verifying the past, but also has an expanding bulk of data to research, and fast-paced, constantly-changing domestic and international situations to comprehend.

Because all nations and cultures are experiencing rapid change, preserving and remembering the past is more difficult and more vital: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana)

Critical Reflection and Analysis

As a history major at Alderson Broaddus you will receive personal instruction from each member of the accomplished faculty and you will be stimulated to reflect critically on the evidence of past societies and on how the members of those societies participated in changes over time and place. You will gather evidence in a rigorous, critical, and analytical style, and then chronicle these facts in preparation for the more important task of understanding history: interpretation of the findings.

Study in an Historical Setting

You will study in an historical setting, and will be able to participate in the research and development of the nationally-recognized historical tradition of Philippi, the site of the first land battle of the American Civil War. The best-known local landmark of this period is the Philippi Covered Bridge, a two-lane wooden structure built in 1852, which served as an important link for both Union and Confederate supplies during the Civil War, and which serves modern traffic today, the only remaining covered bridge in use on a federal highway.

Personal and Professional Advantages

As a history major at AB you will have all the advantages of learning in a liberal-arts college that stresses personal and professional excellence: you'll have small classes, opportunity for independent and guided studies with one-on-one instruction, and opportunities for research, important features which are not standard in larger schools. Your career preparation may be enhanced with an optional liberal arts minor in another division of the college. With careful planning you can earn a double major, or add one or more professional minors such as business, computer science, health sciences, education or recreational leadership.

Interesting Career Opportunities

Interesting and unique career opportunities await liberal arts graduates. AB history majors become successful college and high school teachers, lawyers, medical doctors, ministers and employees in government service and in private industry. Graduates of the history program at Alderson Broaddus have established an excellent record of acceptance in recognized graduate schools, often with assistantships or fellowships.

With a college major in history, your professional advantage will be advanced reading, writing and critical thinking skills. These skills will be as important to your life and professional achievement as the accumulation of knowledge in history. At Alderson Broaddus University, your preparation will make a difference.