Honors Program

The Honors Program was developed to provide intellectual challenge and stimulation for academically superior students who are strongly motivated towards academic success; to provide opportunities for independent scholarship, research, and creative endeavors by academically gifted students; and to provide a public forum for the presentation of scholarly and creative work by students.

Expectations and Benefits for Honors Students

Students in the Honors Program are expected to complete at least three Honors seminars; design and carry out an independent research project in the junior or senior year. Among the benefits students will receive are recognition as Honors Program graduates on their diplomas and transcripts; inscription of their names upon a plaque in a prominent place on campus; recognition at a yearly banquet.

Admission Criteria

Incoming Freshmen

High school students identified as potential Honors students on the basis of markedly superior performance in high school and on national college entrance examinations will be invited to apply to the Honors Program. 

Minimum criteria:

  • ACT composite score of 26 or SAT combined score of 1140
  • Placement in top 10% of graduating class or a high school GPA of 3.5

Other Students

Any qualified current student or transfer student who has completed 39 or fewer credit hours OR who will be a full-time student at Alderson Broaddus University for at least six more semesters may apply for admission to the Honors Program.

Minimum criteria:

  • 3.40 cumulative college GPA
  • Honors Program Course of Study

In order to be designated an Honors Program graduate, a student in the Honors Program must complete three interdisciplinary Honors courses as well as design and carry out an independent research project during the junior or senior year.

Honors courses may be used to meet requirements of the liberal studies program.  In addition, the independent research project may in some cases be taken as an independent study course in fulfillment of a requirement in a student's major.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are  taught in a seminar format that encourages students' regular participation in an exchange of ideas and diverse viewpoints.  Each seminar focuses on a different theme, exploring that theme from the perspectives of the several academic disciplines.  All Honors courses involve intensive reading and discussion, with presentations by guest lecturers when appropriate.  Students learn the methods of scholarly research and writing through semester-long research projects that give them time to explore topics in depth.  They also make oral class presentations of their research.

Independent Research Project

Each Honors student will design and carry out a research project during his or her junior or senior year.  The project will culminate in an Honors thesis that will be evaluated by the Honors Program Director and two faculty advisors.

For more information about the Honors Program, contact:

Professor Jeff Del Col, Chair Honors Program Advisory Committee  
Ph. 304.457.6313

101 College Hill Drive Box 2158
Philippi, WV 26416