Alumni and Friends

Immediate Gifts

Outright Gifts
Current contributions of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, real estate and personal property are considered "outright gifts".  The benefits of making an outright gift to AB include a tax deduction based upon the current value of the gift and the avoidance of capital gains tax.

Matching Corporate Gift
Many companies match any current gift of cash, stocks or bonds made to higher education by their employees and often employees' spouses and retirees.  The company's matching gift form must be sent to AB with the individual's gift.  Donors are entitled to income-tax deductions for their individual gifts only, but the University recognizes the donor with the total amount of both personal and matching gifts.

Donors may transfer such assets as artwork, books, stamps or coin collections as gift commitments.  If the gift is used by AB for a University-related purpose, the donor is entitled to an income tax deduction for the current gift value.  If AB sells the gift or uses it for an unrelated purpose, any deduction is limited to the donor's cost basis.  Likewise, if the donor created the gift assets, the income-tax deduction is limited to the cost of producing the assets.

If you have questions about immediate gifts, please contact:

Jay Nussel, Vice President for Institutional Advancement 
Ph. 304.457.6581

Todd Mittelmeier, Director of Individual Giving and Liaison to Athletics
Ph. 304.457.6393