Faculty participating in graduation should wear academic regalia from their alma mater.  Faculty are also encouraged to wear a tam or cap with their academic regalia.  Suit jackets are not recommended for wear underneath gowns.

Faculty and staff should report for robing for these events at the following times
and places:

Baccalaureate May 9, 2014
Report for robing at 6:40 p.m.
Lobby of Burbick Hall

Commencement May 10, 2014
Report for robing at 12:30 p.m.
Withers-Brandon, Room 121
In the event of rain, alternate instructions will be posted on the doors of Withers-Brandon Hall.

Please address questions to Dr. Charlie Chen (ext. 6277) or Ms. Lesa Jordan (ext. 6394), Faculty Marshalls, or Ms. Judy Bryant (ext. 6201).

Academic Procession
Graduates will march single file in procession; all others will march double file.  Please keep about two yards (never less than an arm's length) from the person in front of you.  This may even necessitate coming to a halt when the procession slows while the people ahead of you are being seated.  

**The order of march for Baccalaureate is: Junior Escorts, Graduates, Faculty (according to rank-emeriti, professors to instructors), Administrative Officers, and Platform Participants.  The procession will begin from the band room in Wilcox Chapel and proceed to the main chapel in Wilcox Chapel.

**The order of march for Commencement is Faculty (according to rank-emeriti, professors to instructors),  Administrative Officers, Junior Escorts, Graduates, and Platform Participants.  The procession will begin from W-B where the platform participants will process to W-B and join the procession to the Coliseum for Commencement.

The Academic Recession
After the singing of the Alma Mater, we will move into the recessional in the following order:  platform personnel will lead the way, followed by the Graduates, Faculty, Administrative Officers, and Trustees as guided by the Junior Escorts.