UPDATE as of 6 P.M. on Wednesday, October 31

College administrators met again early Wednesday evening with officials from the Barbour County Office of Emergency Management. Unforeseen developments indicate that it will take longer than expected to have power restored to campus.  

Therefore, the College has decided to cancel classes and close campus for Thursday, Nov. 1 and Friday, Nov. 2.

Any student who is able and wishes to leave campus may do so at any time, however we strongly recommend, recommend that students wait to travel until tomorrow due to falling temperatures this evening and threat of roads freezing.

For those students who cannot leave or wish to stay on campus, the Campus Center will continue to be powered by a generator and will be open 24/7. It will continue to serve as an emergency shelter for students, and regular meals, which include hot food options, are being served in the dining hall. The dining hall is running on regular schedule. 

Students can use outlets in the Campus Center to charge cell phones and laptops, and may stay inside for comfort until power is restored elsewhere on campus. Erickson is also open to students as another option for students seeking warmer temperatures as its lobby is heated by a fireplace. 

Campus Security is able to accept phone calls at the following number: 304-457-6247. They may experience a high call volume, so callers may need to make multiple attempts to get an answer.  Please call again. The residence life staff is on hand to speak with parents and establish a connection to students.

The College remains committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our students and staff members continue to meet on a daily basis to monitor residence halls, food, water, and sanitation needs. Each residence hall is having a meeting this evening to disseminate information to students and answer any concerns. Also, the City of Philippi is a top priority in the state as water and sanitation are dependent on electricity. 

More information will be updated and announced when received. The internet on campus is ack up and running so e-mail and access to Angel and the College’s website has been restored.