Alderson Broaddus Officially Becomes "University" from SoS Natalie Tennant on Vimeo.


Battlers everywhere watch the historic moment live

Philippi, W.Va. – It is an exciting day in the history of Alderson Broaddus as the school announced today that the institution has officially changed its name to Alderson Broaddus University.

On Thursday, June 27, 2013, administrators traveled to the secretary of state’s office in Charleston, W.Va. and filed the CD-3 form, changing the name of the school. Alderson Broaddus University was formed in the secretary of state's office in 1932, and 81 years later history was made as the college gained university status.

In an official ceremony, which was live streamed to give audiences the opportunity to watch this historic and exciting moment, Dr. Richard Creehan, President of AB, and Natalie Tennant, West Virginia Secretary of State, signed the papers and commented on what this name change means to the state of West Virginia.

Secretary Tennant welcomed everyone in attendance and those members of the Battler family watching from afar via the live webcast.

“This is a great day not only for Alderson Broaddus University, but the City of Philippi, the County of Barbour, and the State of West Virginia,” said Tennant. “This announcement will raise the profile of your institution and attract even more bright and promising students and faculty to AB. It can only serve to strengthen the local economy, and in the end all of the people in the region will win.”

Tennant believes Alderson Broaddus University serves as a model for the state.

“Your vision, your forward thinking, your looking beyond the moment, your determination in doing something bold will be the example that we should follow,” she said. “The future of our state depends greatly on educating and retaining our young people. As the Alderson Broaddus tagline says, ‘You can that here.’ Young people who don’t want to go far away to school don’t have to. Renowned faculty can come and stay at Alderson Broaddus.”

Tennant ended her remarks by congratulating everyone at AB as well as President Creehan, and commended the University for taking this important step in securing the future of the institution.

President Creehan began his remarks by reflecting on the history of Alderson Broaddus.
“On June 18, 1932, Alderson Academy and Broaddus University merged to become Alderson Broaddus University,” said Creehan. “Eighty-one years later we are here again with a new charter and by-laws and will become Alderson Broaddus University. History is being made today and our new University will evolve and grow, as we continue to honor our heritage.”

Dr. Creehan thanked numerous constituents such as the Board of Trustees for their incredible vision; the dedicated faculty for their passion for teaching excellence; and the entire campus for their leadership and hard work.

“I also want to recognize our loyal alums who are excited to see their beloved AB grow and evolve into a destination site for students across the globe,” he said.

During his speech, Dr. Creehan also thanked the current students and incoming class for their enthusiasm and desire to be among the nation’s best private universities. He also acknowledged the city of Philippi and neighboring communities for their support and adopting AB as part of their West Virginia pride.

With an anticipated freshman class of 500 new students this fall, the largest incoming class in the institution’s history, surpassing last year’s record-breaking numbers, and four brand new residential halls opening in September, Alderson Broaddus University’s future is brighter than ever. AB is a substantively different and stronger institution that it was just five years ago. Changing to University gives AB a name that reflects its character and status among schools of higher education.”

The Board of Trustees decided that in line with the Strategic Plan launched in August 2011, and the aggressive enrollment growth the institution is currently experiencing, the name Alderson Broaddus University more accurately describes the scope of the institution’s academic programs, including that of pre-professional programs, majors, and its commitment to scholarship and graduate education.

In the early weeks of September, the University plans to make numerous announcements regarding the implementation of new academic program initiatives.

The University is also planning a campus-wide celebration on Monday, Sept. 2. A press conference and ceremony will take place at 1:30 p.m. with a reception following. The community is invited to participate in the festivities, celebrating the name change as well as the future of not only AB but the city of Philippi, Barbour County, and the state of West Virginia. More information will be available later this summer.