Dr. Yi “Charlie” Chen, Professor of Biology at Alderson Broaddus University, has been awarded a $50,000 PUI/CTC Research Incubator Program Grant. PUI/CTC grants are awarded to research faculty at “primarily undergraduate institutions” and “community and technical colleges”.

A faculty member at AB University since 2000, Chen’s research project is titled “Nanochemoprevention as a novel approach for cancer control” Proof of principle with a natural food component kaempferol.” Through his research, Chen is working to find an efficient delivery system of a plant natural compound (kaempferol) in treating cancer using nanotechnology.

The PUI/CTC Research Incubator program is funded through an NSF Grant (EPS-1003907) awarded to the WVEPSCoR program which is managed by the Division of Science and Research at the WV Higher Education Policy Commission. The Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) grant provides funding to PUI and/or CTC faculty to enhance student training and experiences in nano- and biotechnology to build the workforce in these developing fields.  The long-term goal of this program is to grow and sustain statewide research collaborations between the PUIs/CTCs and WV’s research institutions through extramural research and education grants.

The RII-supported PUI/CTC Research Incubator Program is a statewide grant program focused on PUI researchers and CTC partners.  Awards are based on: 1) collaborative potential, 2) extramural funding potential, 3) match with RII technical or educational goals, 4) presence of a CTC partner, and 5) quality of the research/education plan. Each Incubator Grant (up to $50K annually) will be for two years with adequate progress in Year One.

Dr. Chen received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Zhejiang University in China. He then received his second Master of Science degree and a Doctoral degree from Washington State University.  Prior to coming to AB University, Dr. Chen worked as postdoctoral fellow at USDA and Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Chen’s courses include: microbiology, genetics, evolution, research methods, parasitology, immunology, general biology, conservation biology.  He has also engaged in global study in China regarding issues in sciences and cell biology.