Our next AB All-Star is Jordan Butler!

Butler is a sophomore Christian Studies major from Inwood, West Virginia. He is also a part of the football team, President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Chaplain of the Epsilon Fraternity. He is being recognized for his devotion to this school through his engagement of the organizations.

Butler hopes to continue with his education with the goal of becoming a youth pastor in a church when he graduates. He also hopes to continue his success with the football team so he can contribute to the program in a positive way. While those goals are important to him, his main goal while attending ABU is to spread the word of God.

“I want kids to learn, see, and feel the true love of our Savior Jesus Christ,” Butler said.

When Butler received the nomination for this award, he was excited and honored that people look at him in a good way, especially enough to receive this recognition.

“From being a Battler on the field when you get the opportunity to represent your school in a competitive sport, to getting the education not many get the chance to, being a Battler is a true blessing.”

Make sure you congratulate Jordan when you see him around campus!

Jordan Butler