Our next nominated AB All-Star is Kevin Roper! Roper is a
sophomore nursing student from Cedar Lake, Indiana. He is a part of AB
Residence Life, Men’s Volleyball, Cheerleading, and the Campus Activities
Board. Kevin is recognized for his irreplaceable part in all the organizations
he is a part of.

Roper was in awe when he first received the notification
that he had been nominated for this award, and then he was excited and honored
once it registered to him. Roper views this campus as something more than just
a school; he views it as a community. Being a battler to him is more than just
working in the classroom, and attending AB.

“It’s all about the
better community that we have built here with the relationships between
faculty, staff, and students,” he said. “Being a Battler means being proud of

Being a part of as many programs as Roper is, balancing
everything can be trialing, but he is up for the challenge and plans to
continue his part in all that he can.

Make sure you congratulate Kevin Roper when you see him
around campus!

Alderson Broaddus All-Stars is a recognition program for
current students and staff. To nominate someone, please visit