The Dr. Daniel R. Unger Faculty Friday Luncheon Lecture Series Continued Feb. 24

PHILIPPI, W.Va. – The Dr. Daniel R. Unger Faculty Friday Luncheon Lecture Series at Alderson Broaddus continued on February 24, with Associate Professor Grant Johnson who shared his experiences from this past summer in New York, where he participated in a Faculty Residency program.

“My Burbick Faculty Development-funded research at the New York Center for Art and Media Studies this past July allowed me to complete a series of video animations that have been underway for three years,” said Johnson. “The videos are ‘translations,’ or ‘recordings’ of two-dimensional artworks into four dimensions.”

Using a piece of custom software developed by Gary Schubert and Trahern Curkendall in Alderson Broaddus's computer science department, Johnson is able to turn each pixel comprising the digital version of an existing artwork into a single frame of video animation. Larger works result in longer animations; smaller works in shorter ones.

“My time in New York was spent visiting the actual works - mostly paintings - in the city's museums, so that I could record the ambient sound in the spaces where they hang,” said Johnson. “These recordings are the soundtracks for the animations, which, when projected wall-size, become immersive environments that engage all three spatial dimensions, as well as the fourth dimension of time.”

During his presentation, he shared examples of these video animations and a more detailed explanation of his purposes and process.

The Dr. Daniel R. Unger Faculty Friday Luncheon Lecture Series honors former faculty and administrator, Dr. Daniel R. Unger, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy whose contributions to Alderson Broaddus University are marked with a long and distinguished history of service to the College campus and community.

“This new series is dedicated to providing a venue for faculty to share scholarly work, research interests, and gather as colleagues,” said AB President Rick Creehan. “We are excited to support such an intellectual platform as well as honor Dr. Daniel Unger who continues to leave his footprint on this campus community.”

 Dr. Unger earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern University; a Master's of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary; and, both the Masters of Education and Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh.  He was employed by AB for over 32 years; first as a member of the faculty and later serving as the Interim Academic Dean/Provost.  He is the recipient of several teaching awards including the first Excellence in Teaching award granted by the Alderson Broaddus University student body in 1971.

The Dr. Daniel R. Unger Faculty Friday Luncheon-Lecture Series will continue throughout the Spring Semester with new speakers each month. The last two presentations for this year will take place on March 30th; and April 27th. The speakers for the upcoming months will be announced soon. Each presentation will take place at noon in the Crim Dining Room of the newly renovated Campus Center.  Faculty are cordially invited to join the presentations over lunch.

Lunch is provided by Sodexo at the cost of $5/person.  Guests are welcome to begin gathering for lunch as early as 11:30am; presentations will begin around noon and end in time to resume class schedule at 1pm.