Two retired Alderson Broaddus University faculty members have received emeritus status upon the recommendation
of the Committee on Tenure, Promotion and Sabbatical Leaves and the President of AB University. The recommendation was then approved by the College’s Board of Trustees at their April 16 board meeting.

Dr. Alma Bennett, of Philippi, was appointed as Professor Emerita of Theater at Alderson Broaddus University . She was nominated by Carol Del Col, associate professor of English. Dr. Charles Ervin, of Moatsville, was appointed as Professor Emeritus of Music, and was nominated by Dr. Judson Bracey, professor of music, and Lewis Hall, associate professor of music education.

Dr. Bennett received her nomination from the AB University
Humanities Division for the outstanding theater program during her tenure
at AB, and for the exceptional standards she set for her students.
Dr. Bennett was known throughout the local community and beyond for
her ambitious and excellent productions of nearly professional
quality. Dr. Bennett used her skill at creativity ingeniously to produce
dramatic productions at minimal cost even hand-making many of the
costumes. Dr. Bennett retired in 2002 from Alderson Broaddus
College after serving 21 years. During that time she was a conscientious and
effective teacher, a superb director of dramatic productions, a passionate
advocate for the college theater program, and a devoted scholar.

Dr. Ervin received his nomination from the AB University Music
Department for his extraordinary, distinguished, and committed service to the
College.  Dr. Ervin admirably served Alderson Broaddus University from 1967
until his retirement in 1997. Dr. Ervin was described as a passionate music
maker, student advocate and was always dedicated to institutional growth and
program improvement.  The legacy of Dr. Ervin's three-decade career at
Alderson Broaddus University was one of student lives bettered, academic programs
strengthened, and the College cultural community enriched.