Nursing | School of Nursing Philosophy Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

            The School of Nursing seeks to provide an educational environment that encourages students to regard professional nursing as a service to humanity, respect scholarly endeavor, become responsible citizens, and apply moral and ethical integrity to every phase of life.

Identity Statement:

The School of Nursing shares the overall aim of the University, which is to help students respect scholarly endeavor, gain skills in growth and learning, and develop moral and ethical integrity in every phase of life. Building on a liberal arts foundation, students are encouraged to become responsible citizens who regard their vocation as a service to humanity stemming from a basic commitment to God and offered for the benefit of the client.

The purpose of the curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is to prepare the student to function in any health care setting as a competent beginning professional nurse. Graduates of the program will value scholarly endeavors and become life-ling learners.

College Core Values/Program Goals:

Congruent with the mission and purpose of the institution, the goals of the nursing program are to prepare graduates:

1.  Who, as professional nurse generalists, possess the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and values
      necessary to assist the client experiencing crisis to meet human needs.

2.  Who assume professional nursing roles to provide competent professional nursing care to individuals,  
      families, groups, communities, and society within a rapidly changing environment.

3 . Who are eligible to apply for licensure as registered nurses.

4.  Who critically think, effectively communicate, therapeutically intervene, and faithfully pursue life-long learning.

5.   Who are accountable to the ANA Standards of Practice and the Standards for Professional Nursing Practice 
      of the WV State Board of Nursing.